We love Sundays at Lamplight Church Kitchener Waterloo

Celebrate Jesus

Lamplight Church Kitchener Waterloo meets on Sundays at the Mill-Courtland Community Centre from 10:00am.

Our Sunday morning meetings are an opportunity to gather together to celebrate all that Jesus has done in our lives, to minister to one-another in the power of the Spirit and to hear from God’s Word.

Our dress code is simple: Please wear clothes. Our style is relaxed: come as you are!

What happens when?

Except for the second Sunday of each month (which is usually a ‘Brunch Sunday‘) this is the running order:

8:30am – SET UP team arrives. Feel free to help set out some chairs…
9:30am – PRAYER MEETING in the kitchen, just next to the main gym. All welcome.
10:00am – 10:40am – WORSHIP Please feel free to sit or stand, clap or dance, be still or sing out during our worship time. KIDS CHURCH starts usually after the second song.
10:40am – 10:45am – ANNOUNCEMENTS Find out what’s going on in our community.
10:45am – 11:00am – COFFEE & COOKIE TIME A chance to say hello to someone new.
11:00am – 11:40am – BIBLE-BASED SERMON
11:40am – 12:00pm – RESPONSE TIME / FINISH Then head out into your week, refreshed and ready to serve.

What about worship?

We sing a mix of modern songs and contemporary versions of traditional hymns. Our worship is lead by a band, however everyone is invited to join in – feel free to sit or stand or kneel, pray, bring words of knowledge or prophesy, tongues, interpretation of tongues – all the good, biblical worship stuff!

During the worship time, if you have a prayer of praise or an edifying Scripture to read out, please do so. If you feel you have a specific word of prophesy or word of knowledge then we ask that you first share it with the leader who is responsible for the meeting. This is so that “everything can be done in order” and the message can then be shared at an appropriate time in the worship or in another setting.

What about the Kids?

Kids-2014ButtonKids Church is available for two age groups: Walkers to JK and SK – Grade 4. Please register your child with a greeter when you arrive.

Find out more about Kid’s Church here. 

We believe community is important and in our culture it simply does not happen without us being intentional.

So we devote one Sunday every month to eating Brunch together – it’s a picture of grace – everyone is welcome, everyone brings something to share, no-one goes home hungry.

What about the teaching?

Our preaching and teaching starts from the Bible and aims to show the Bible’s relevance and timeless wisdom in today’s world. Scripture is our benchmark and Spiritual “plumbline” for all of life. We understand that everyone is on a journey of discovery and we embrace people at every stage of their spiritual walk.

You can listen to all of our sermons online by clicking here.

What’s a Brunch Sunday?

The second Sunday of each month is usually a Brunch Sunday. It’s a Sunday morning when everyone brings something to share. Nobody goes home hungry. New people and first timers get to eat as well (even if they don’t bring anything). It’s kinda messy. It’s a lot of fun. It’s how we think church is supposed to be. You know, relaxed, enjoyable and full of grace. You are invited to join us for food, family, friendship, conversation, community and communion. Otherwise known as ‘Brunch Sunday’.

Check out our calendar page for when the next Bring & Share Brunch Sunday is.

How do we get there?

Scroll down for our map or click here. There is free parking at the front and rear of the Community Centre, we meet in the main gym which is at the back of the building. The venue is fully wheelchair accessible.

To get to church by Grand River Transit, the bus routes 3 & 22 go past the centre, and we are a short walk from the 8 stop at Courtland/Madison.

Please get in touch if you have any questions or would like a ride.

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We love Sundays at Lamplight Church Kitchener Waterloo


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